Battery Storage

BYD B-Box BPlus 2.5kWh Battery Module


1Power by Day and Night
Controlling your power is effortless, you can even now go OFF GRID if you wish. No more energy companies to hassle you and no more price increases. Focused control of your energy usage. Updates take the pain out of managing your localisation projects. The process is faster and easier with the same trusted results.
2Quiet, Clean, Safe and Contained
Your Alpha-ESS battery home Power Station could quite easily sit next to your refrigerator or freezer - an essentially silent 'box' that does something for you and your home, except the Alpha-ESS will be connected to your solar panels on your roof. In fact, as property developers and energy service companies become more familiar with these systems, they will most likely become integrated with the other appliances in your home, leveraging any excess power to run things like your electric storage hot water system.
3Plug and Play
Electricity Solutions is off and running with the Alpha-ESS system, with installation complete in Brisbane. The best thing about the Alpha-ESS system is it's a plug and play, you can start with just one 3Kw battery and add as you go because the system is monitored 24/7. The system has 4 major components: • Hybrid Inverter • Lithium Ion Battery • Smart looking moveable cabinet • Integrated switches and easy to read monitoring screen.
Unlike other systems where most components are from different manufacturers, this can become confusing with warranties. Alpha-ESS holds all warranties of the above. Just add solar panels and you have a complete unique power plant in your home. Click here for the Alpha-ESS Warranty. Find out more by calling us today for a friendly FREE in home electricity audit.
5About Alpha-Ess
Alpha-ESS is a global developer of energy storage systems for the home. The company was founded in 2012 as a collaboration between companies from three continents and is looking to quickly make inroads in australia by offering intelligent, affordable and flexible battery storage solutions. Alpha-ESS has three main offerings: its all-in-one, plug-and-play, lithium-ion Storion solution, its lead-crystal Alpha-Centauri solution, and its Power Plug lithium-ion battery bank.
6The Storion
The Storion is a complete, intelligent cabinet-based energy storage solution using lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, which are available in modular 3kWh units. Storion's battery capacity can be expanded up to 19kWh, and its built-in hybrid 3kWh and 5kWh inverters can handle both battery and PV inputs, enabling a wide range of possible designs and applications. I also comes equipped with an adaptable energy management system (EMS) to maximise energy bill savings according to how the system is set up. Still, many will argue that personal power plants won't offer the same game-changing value that personal computers or other appliances have brought us; that the cost savings, reliability and environmental benefits of a zero-carbon personal power.

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