When you install solar panels, you’ll not only slash your carbon emissions and your electricity bill costs, you’ll be joining Australia’s clean energy revolution.


Cutting-Edge Commercial Solar Solutions for Brisbane

Solar energy is the cleanest and greenest source of renewable energy generated electricity available to help power your home, business or community building – and nowadays the cheapest too! At Solus Energy Solutions, we recognise that it’s the way of the future, and want to help business-owners across Brisbane make the jump to personal solar power. With extensive experience in the servicing and installation of commercial solar power, we know how to get the very best results at the very best prices for your organisation.

When you install Solar Panels, you will not only slash your carbon emissions and your electricity bill costs, you will also be joining Australia’s clean energy revolution. Set an example in your industry while cutting your overheads with help from Solus Energy Solutions. Start a conversation about our commercial solar installation services and find out how we could make your business greener, more efficient and more profitable.

A smarter choice

The availability and increasing uptake of Residential & Commercial Solar Power Rooftop Systems shows exactly how versatile and viable Solar Power is as a source of energy for all of our electricity needs; particularly in a sun-drenched country such as Australia. Solar energy will form the centrepiece of Australia’s clean, renewable and distributed electricity generation future.

The technology and the Solar PV Panels are becoming smaller, more economical, efficient and better looking than ever. We also have various renewable energy rebates and incentives available in Australia, known as STC's, reducing the initial installation investment outlay for generating electricity from your home or business rooftop substantially. 

Delivering a superior service

Operating across the Brisbane region, from Underwood and Springwood to Forest Lake, Redcliffe and beyond, Solus Energy Solutions are available to carry out the installation of your renewable energy system and start you on your way to conserving both the planet and your income. Call us today at our Brisbane office on 07 3883 3363 or send us your questions via our contact form and one of our friendly staff will be in touch as soon as possible.

How Commercial Solar Works

It's as simple as

Step 1: Consultation


Choosing the correct Solar PV and / or Solar Battery Storage System involves a number of design considerations. It’s not just about having sufficient space on your roof to install the Solar panels. That’s why all Solus Energy Solutions Solar PV Systems start with a FREE informative full Power Audit to find out which Solar System is right for your needs. We will discuss your energy use to assess how much of your power usage can be offset by Solar and / or Battery Storage Energy. We will make sure your circumstances are carefully evaluated and design a system that will maximise your savings.

Step 2: Solution Design

Solus Energy Solutions Solar Consultants are highly trained to perform remote and onsite assessment to design a Solar Power System based on your home’s roof space, sun direction, shading and your energy needs. Each step is performed together and you will be guided on all aspects during the project so you’ll understand how your system is designed and all the costs that are involved. Furthermore, every single design will be reviewed by our in-house engineers to confirm the Solar System proposed is technically feasible to implement and suitable for your needs. We have several product options for you to consider that will suit both your budget and needs.

Step 3: Sign your agreement

Once we have decided the right solution that suits your home and lifestyle, we will formalise a Solar Power agreement to secure your savings for the next 25 years! Our agreement has a clear breakdown of all costs that are involved. There will be absolutely no hidden fees and your investment will be protected by the manufacturer’s product performance guarantee and our outstanding installation warranty. We can guarantee that by choosing Solus Energy Solutions for all your Solar needs will give you a peace of mind that you, our customer, are our number one priority. Once a Solus customer always a Solus Customer.

Step 4: 1-2 Day Installation

Most Solar PV installations with Solus Energy Solutions, take only one day for PV panels and one for the Battery Storage System (should you take up the battery option). We will work around a day that best suits your busy schedule. Our friendly technician will guide you through the operating procedures to make sure you understand the best ways to generate power so that you can make the most of your New Solar Power System. Once your Solar System is fully installed, we will organise a regulatory inspector to check and certify the electrical integrity of the installation to ensure all electrical standards are complied with. At Solus Energy Solutions, we make going Solar easy. We will complete and submit all the regulatory paperwork to your utility provider to connect your system to the grid. All you need to do is sit back, relax and wait for the good news to come.

Step 5: Power On - Monitor your production and use

Finally, the exciting part. Once your current utility provider gives the OK, you get to flick the switch to start generating your own clean, natural energy and enjoy hundreds and thousands of long-term cost savings.

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