This is the Rheem Premium Hi-Line system with a CS444 stainless steel tank complete with a 7 year warranty. The stainless steel tank coupled with the new NPT collectors gives you the best of the best in solar hot water. Rheem, Australia’s favourite hot water company, has been manufacturing for over 80 years and is committed to keeping up with new technology to produce a system that is beyond compare. This is evident by extensive investment in Research and Development involving $1.5M and over 16,000 development hours and $5M in new robotics, production lines and equipment. Rheem’s new collector design has undergone performance testing in Germany, and extensive field testing in the hot wet tropical climate of northern Australia, cold wet and snowy alpine conditions of Europe and New Zealand and the hot dry climate of Perth.

Most solar hot water systems are still using last centuries technology with vitreous enamel tanks being the norm. When you own a Rheem Premium Hi line, hot water is abundant, backed up with a 2.4Kw quick recovery booster element for those few months in winter when it maybe needed. The booster can work on automatic or manual it’s your choice.

Because the tank is commercial grade CS444 stainless steel the water is softer and more pure, better for the ladies who like to take their time shampooing their hair under the shower. As Rheem’s motto goes “steady hot and strong” which is what this system gives you, hot water when you need it and strong town or pump pressure.

The Rheem CS444 Stainless Steel tank requires no “sacrificial annode” to stop it from corroding, unlike vitreous enamel tanks. It will save you money by not having to change the annode every 5 years.


Applications for CS444 Used:

CS444 Stainless Steel has good pitting resistance and is therefore suitable for roofing and cladding in marine environments, as well as hot water tanks and geysers, heat exchanger tubing and food processing equipment.

CS 316 Stainless Steel is not really suitable for hot water tanks:

CS 316 Stainless Steel has applications in many sectors of industry. Some of these include:

Tanks and storage vessels for corrosive liquids. Specialised process equipment in the chemical, food, paper, mining, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries